The brown and green cotton used in our designs it’s produced from the seed, croped and harvested by Algodones Mayas, keeping it’s natural colour.

The thread is hand spawn using ancient techiques and industrial spinning.

This is the main raw material that is hand weaved in back strap looms and foot looms using ancient techniques past on from generation to generation of Guatemalan men and women, artisans of different indigenous communities of the country.

The Story Behind Our Product

Each handmade piece is created by an artisan that mastered the technique of weaving natural color cotton with absolute care and attention to detail.

For more than 24 years this art has been contributing to the indigenous community from which each artisan comes from.

We feel proud to work with artisans that materialize tradition and implement our new designs with innovation in each piece.

The denim thread weaved into our new collections comes from a process that doesn’t use chemicals or dyes and manages to save 20,000 liters of water per kilogram of thread. Our artisans mix this upcycled denim thread with our natural color cotton making each piece unique, and eco friendly.